Homeowners are requested to mark your calendars, for the 2017 Community Clean Up Day, which has been scheduled for WEDNESDAY MAY 17th.  All homeowners who are encouraged to attend, and assist in the various community cleanup projects that are planned.  The WORK DAY will begin at 9:00am, then a Board Meeting will be held at 1:00pm that afternoon.

Additional details on the Community Clean Up Day will be distributed as the date approaches, but the Board wanted everyone to be aware of the scheduled date.

March 17 Board Meeting – Conference Call

An Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA Board Meeting has been called for Friday, March 17th at 1:00pm (Colorado Time).  The meeting will be held via Conference Call.  Directions for attending the meeting via Conference Call are listed at the top of the MEETING AGENDA.  Below you will find an agenda and supporting documents for the Board Meeting:

A quick review of the Proposed Documents is as follows:

  • ByLaw Amendment – This amendment is necessary to re-establish the rotation of Board Member Terms in future years, to ensure that no more than 45% of the Board is up for renewal in a single year.  The amendment will be reviewed by the Board, then officially adopted by the HOA Members at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Homeowners.
  • Policies are required by the State of Colorado to be adopted by all HOA’s.  These policies support the established Governing Documents of the HOA, and provide specific procedures that the HOA must follow.  The policies can be commented on by HOA Members, but are officially adopted by the HOA Board Members.
  • Rules and Regulations are being re-stated, to clarify ambiguities.  The Rules & Regulations can be commented on by HOA Members, but are officially adopted by the HOA Board Members.

Homeowner Directory

In accordance with Colorado State Law HB14-1125, a homeowner directory has been created for the Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA community.  Homeowners are required to OPT-IN, and agree to have their contact information listed and distributed.  Information listed is intended only to provide a point of contact.  Information is prohibited to be used, sold, or published for any purpose, including solicitation.

Directory 3-1-2017 ABHOA

If information listed needs to be updated, please fill out the Directory Permission Form.