Trash & Recycle Reminders

Electronics are not allowed and will not be picked up by Waste Management.  There are only two places I am aware to dispose of old TV’s.  They can take them to Larimer County or Boulder County recycling centers which are nearest to Estes.  Someone left a rather large TV between the recycling and trash dumpsters.  Waste Management will not pick this up and we run the risk of it being broken with they move the trash dumpsters in and out.  The homeowner responsible for leaving it, needs to come get it.

Due to the current confines of the trash garage facility, multiple collections of the trash container are scheduled each week.  Recycling is only collected every other week due to Waste Management’s current collection availability.  When the containers overflow (as depicted in the above photo), additional charges are incurred by the HOA.  In the near future, changes will allow the HOA to add multiple trash/recycle containers, which in turn will reduce the overall trash hauling costs for the HOA.  Until those change occur, we request everyone’s assistance in keeping the trash garage clean, and only disposing of those items that are collected by Waste Management.


This notice is being sent to inform homeowners that an arborist is scheduled to be in the Aspen Brook HOA on Monday, June 5th, to treat a number of the trees throughout the community (Weather Dependent).  Work is scheduled to begin around 9:30am, and will last throughout the day.

The HOA has identified 60+ “champion” trees that are in need of treatment to help fight the current infestation of needle scale, as well as other pests.  The contractor will be working throughout the community to treat the identified “Champion” trees.  The service will be a soil/trunk injection, not a broadcast spray that has been done in year’s past.  There should not be any issue with drifting of the products used.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the workers may cause, due to vehicle traffic, noise, etc.

The Board continues to discuss fire mitigation plans and a smart forestry plan, and will be including additional services, that are specific to the trees in the community, in the 2018 Budget.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Foster Management.