Trash Cabin & Materials Available

This notice is being sent to all Aspen Brook HOA homeowners, to inform you of upcoming changes to the trash cabin.  Both sides of the trash cabin are now in possession of the HOA.  Beginning Tuesday, items in the larger portion of the trash cabin will begin to be cleared out, to allow additional dumpsters to be installed.  Items currently inside/outside the garage include firewood, misc. building supplies, etc. will be available to all homeowners on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.  If homeowners find building supplies that match their property, such as matching tile, wood flooring, or trim that would help in a repair, you are encouraged to take it and store it inside your individual garage.  All remaining items will be disposed of in the coming weeks, so please act quickly.

Once the garage is cleared out, one additional trash bin and one additional recycle bin will be delivered, to assist in the over-filling of the bins that occurs regularly.