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Kevin is sending this email to all Aspen Brook Homeowners, on my behalf…in case you are considering replacing your roof in the near future, I wanted to make you aware of the following-

FYI, Mark and I have used Gold Roofing (Loveland) in the past. Westover Construction – a highly regarded general contractor here in Estes Park – had referred Gold to us.

Gold did a GREAT job for us! As such we recommended them to Jim Hines who was very pleased with the roof that they put on his Aspen Brook home this past Fall. Tamara Jarolimek thought that they did such a good job on the Hines that she referred them to the Robinson’s.

We are currently contracting with Gold to replace our two roofs at Aspen Brook this Spring. The Cooper’s are also considering Gold for their roof replacement.

In light of three roofs this Spring, I contacted the owner of Gold to see if we can get a multiple roof discount. In that regard, if you are considering replacing your own roof anytime soon please let me know so that we can put you in touch with them and include your roof as well. 

Separately, I asked the owner if he would be interested in offering an Aspen Brook Homeowner discount going forward, given that there are other roofs that will likely be replaced in the next few years. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Thanks and best!

Sue Werder


[email protected]

AS A REMINDER…..  Anyone intending to make changes to the exterior of the home (including re-roofing) needs to submit a Design Review Request for the project, prior to any work being completed.  The Design Review Committee will review the request, and make sure that the project is approved, before any funds are expended.  We want to make sure that we avoid any instances of un-approved projects, that have to be removed/redesigned to be in compliance with the regulation of the HOA.  If you have questions regarding the DRC Process, please contact Foster Management.

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Please call back into the conference call if you are able….


712-432-3900  CONF #436215#

Annual Meeting Reminder – TODAY at 1:00pm (Mountain Time)

As a reminder, the Aspen Brook Annual Meeting of Homeowners is being held this afternoon at 1:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the YMCA – Longs Peak Lodge – Granite Room.  If you are unable to attend in person, a Conference Call will be available for homeowners to call in.  To join the conference call, please dial 712-432-3900, enter Conference ID 436215#.

The AGENDA for the meeting has been included, so that you can follow along.

Please make plans to attend, or join the conference call, to participate in the discussions at this Annual Meeting of Homeowners.