Trash Collection Dates Adjusted

As a result of the busy summer months, with additional guests/traffic, the trash collection schedule has been adjusted.  Begging next week, trash collections will be performed on Monday and Thursday, with recycle collection remaining on Wednesday.  All homeowners are to remind their guests that ALL TRASH SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE DUMPSTERS and that nothing is to be placed next to the dumpsters in the trash cottage.


All homeowners should be aware that SCHEDULED ROAD MAINTENANCE will begin next Monday/Tuesday – May 21st and 22nd.  Your patience and understanding are appreciated during the roadwork, as there will be dust, noise, and equipment on the roadways.  (Work is dependent upon weather.)

Once the road maintenance has been completed, the speed-bumps will be installed for the summer season.  ALL HOMEOWNERS AND GUEST ARE REMINDED TO FOLLOW THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT WITHIN THE COMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY.

Living In Bear Country – IMPORTANT REMINDERS

As a part of living in Bear Country, homeowners are reminded that they must be responsible neighbors, to avoid attracting “unwanted wildlife” within the community.  Homeowners may not be aware, but there have been multiple bear encounters in the community over the years, that could possibly have been avoided.

Attached, you will find a brochure titled BIRDS NOT BEARS, and a brochure titled LIVING WITH BEARS, with good reminders for homeowners of the dangers (to the bears as well as to humans) associated with improper deployment of bird feeders during active bear months.

FYI, there is a new community center at the YMCA, and this center has a wildlife display featuring a taxidermy mount of a mama bear & one cub that were euthanized last year as nuisance bears at the YMCA. These same bears could likely have been the same that routinely frequented Aspen Brook last summer, lured in by lax bird feeder habits. If true, that left one cub without a mama and sibling (as there were regular sightings of a mama & two cubs at AB), which likely could have also resulted in a 3rd bear death.

In an effort of ensuring resident safety, the HOA Board is contemplating adoption of an official policy regarding bear awareness.  All homeowners are encouraged to voluntarily follow the recommendations from the CO Parks & Wildlife, and to educate their tenants on how to responsibly “live in bear county”.