As you may recall, the Board took some corrective actions to remove downed trees resulting from a windstorm in 2017. The Board is now considering taking some preventive actions related to removing and/or trimming dead stand or trees that may be considered compromised or at risk to some degree or other. With that in mind, the Board asked Adam’s Tree Service to visit the HOA grounds and make an assessment of the trees in our community. Attached below is an assessment of the trees at Aspen Brook, potentially to include some that may be on your property and/or between your property and your neighbor’s property. The assessment lists recommendations by street address.

You can see that they have identified a number of trees that they feel should be trimmed or removed entirely. The Board is not willing to act on this recommendation without the expressed approval of the affected Owners. Therefore, we are asking all Owners to review this recommendation, and, where appropriate, discuss this with their immediate neighbors (should there be “common interest” in a tree or trees that are between homes). If an Owner concurs with the recommendation, the Board requests confirmation via email, to include copying an affected neighbor. If the Board receives no response, then no action will be taken with respect to the specific trees identified by address. Please recognize that if your home is currently a vacation rental home, it is subject to a life safety inspection in the near future. This life safety inspection could require specific tree trimming or removal to create “safe space” around the home. Further, the Board does not commit to taking future preventive or corrective actions against these same trees that Owners elect not to have serviced as recommended below.

The Board will determine whether or not to accept the recommended actions in all common areas, including those recommended “along road”, “near entrance”, etc.

If you have any concerns, please advise Kevin Lucas via email at [email protected].  If you agree to the assessment and would like the tree work completed as listed for your address, please send an email with your approval, and specific information from below.  ALL RESPONSES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN MONDAY JULY 23rd, TO ALLOW THE WORK TO BE SCHEDULED EARLY IN AUGUST.

Aspen Brook Drive

– trim low dead limbs along road

– remove small dead tree near entrance

  •  2343 – trim from building
  •  2339 – trim from building, remove small dead tree behind building
  •  2335 – trim from building
  •  2331 – broken limb on ground, trim juniper from building, large dead limbs over deck
  •  2323 – trim from building
  •  2410 – trim from building, remove dead ponderosa, tiny dead tree by drive
  •  2328 – trim from building
  •  2303 – dead aspen
  •  trash cabin – remove dead tree behind building, trim from building
  •  2294 – small dead by road, dead ponderosa behind building, trim lilac
  •  2290 – trim from building
  •  2286 – remove live fir tree leaning over building
  •  2281 – dead spruce near deck, dead ponderosa opposite side of deck, dead        spruce 100 yards east
  •  2280 – dead ponderosa behind building
  •  2308 – trim from building, remove small dead fir
  •  2270/2274 trim from building, remove snow bent ponderosa, small tree close to deck

Aspen Branch Court

– remove small tree at corner of deck, remove dying lodgepole, remove downed tree, trim from building

Aspen Tree Drive

  •  2428 – remove hazardous ponderosa with exposed roots
  •  2424 – remove bushes and saplings growing out of foundation, trim from building, ponderosa with exposed roots
  •  2420 – trim from building
  •  2412 – small spruce under deck, trim/remove small trees touching building
  •  2408 – saplings touching building
  •  2404 – trim from building

Aspen Grove Circle

– remove dead tree near mailboxes

– remove downed trees near playground, dead aspens, dead tree near river, downed limbs

Aspen Knoll Drive

– dead willow and small ponderosa by road

  •  2291 – trim from building
  •  2307 – trim from building
  •  2315 – dead ponderosa west of building
  •  2342 – small dead trees by road/across road