November 5th Board Meeting – Via Virtual Meeting

An Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA Board Meeting has been called for Thursday, November 5th at 2:00PM (Colorado Time).  The meeting will be held via Virtual meeting.  Directions for attending the meeting via Conference Call are listed at the top of the 11-05-20 ABHOA Meeting Agenda.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the Conference Call Meeting, and listen to the Board conduct the business of the HOA.

To join by phone only, call 1 669-900-9128, then enter the meeting id: 980 9201 2276#


August 23rd Board Meeting – via CONFERENCE CALL

An Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA Board Meeting has been called for Thursday, August 23rd at 10:00am (Colorado Time).  The meeting will be held via Conference Call.  Directions for attending the meeting via Conference Call are listed at the top of the 08-23-18 ABHOA Meeting Agenda.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the Conference Call Meeting, and listen to the Board conduct the business of the HOA.


As you may recall, the Board took some corrective actions to remove downed trees resulting from a windstorm in 2017. The Board is now considering taking some preventive actions related to removing and/or trimming dead stand or trees that may be considered compromised or at risk to some degree or other. With that in mind, the Board asked Adam’s Tree Service to visit the HOA grounds and make an assessment of the trees in our community. Attached below is an assessment of the trees at Aspen Brook, potentially to include some that may be on your property and/or between your property and your neighbor’s property. The assessment lists recommendations by street address.

You can see that they have identified a number of trees that they feel should be trimmed or removed entirely. The Board is not willing to act on this recommendation without the expressed approval of the affected Owners. Therefore, we are asking all Owners to review this recommendation, and, where appropriate, discuss this with their immediate neighbors (should there be “common interest” in a tree or trees that are between homes). If an Owner concurs with the recommendation, the Board requests confirmation via email, to include copying an affected neighbor. If the Board receives no response, then no action will be taken with respect to the specific trees identified by address. Please recognize that if your home is currently a vacation rental home, it is subject to a life safety inspection in the near future. This life safety inspection could require specific tree trimming or removal to create “safe space” around the home. Further, the Board does not commit to taking future preventive or corrective actions against these same trees that Owners elect not to have serviced as recommended below.

The Board will determine whether or not to accept the recommended actions in all common areas, including those recommended “along road”, “near entrance”, etc.

If you have any concerns, please advise Kevin Lucas via email at [email protected].  If you agree to the assessment and would like the tree work completed as listed for your address, please send an email with your approval, and specific information from below.  ALL RESPONSES MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN MONDAY JULY 23rd, TO ALLOW THE WORK TO BE SCHEDULED EARLY IN AUGUST.

Aspen Brook Drive

– trim low dead limbs along road

– remove small dead tree near entrance

  •  2343 – trim from building
  •  2339 – trim from building, remove small dead tree behind building
  •  2335 – trim from building
  •  2331 – broken limb on ground, trim juniper from building, large dead limbs over deck
  •  2323 – trim from building
  •  2410 – trim from building, remove dead ponderosa, tiny dead tree by drive
  •  2328 – trim from building
  •  2303 – dead aspen
  •  trash cabin – remove dead tree behind building, trim from building
  •  2294 – small dead by road, dead ponderosa behind building, trim lilac
  •  2290 – trim from building
  •  2286 – remove live fir tree leaning over building
  •  2281 – dead spruce near deck, dead ponderosa opposite side of deck, dead        spruce 100 yards east
  •  2280 – dead ponderosa behind building
  •  2308 – trim from building, remove small dead fir
  •  2270/2274 trim from building, remove snow bent ponderosa, small tree close to deck

Aspen Branch Court

– remove small tree at corner of deck, remove dying lodgepole, remove downed tree, trim from building

Aspen Tree Drive

  •  2428 – remove hazardous ponderosa with exposed roots
  •  2424 – remove bushes and saplings growing out of foundation, trim from building, ponderosa with exposed roots
  •  2420 – trim from building
  •  2412 – small spruce under deck, trim/remove small trees touching building
  •  2408 – saplings touching building
  •  2404 – trim from building

Aspen Grove Circle

– remove dead tree near mailboxes

– remove downed trees near playground, dead aspens, dead tree near river, downed limbs

Aspen Knoll Drive

– dead willow and small ponderosa by road

  •  2291 – trim from building
  •  2307 – trim from building
  •  2315 – dead ponderosa west of building
  •  2342 – small dead trees by road/across road

Tree Service Scheduled – FRIDAY June 15th

This notice is being sent to inform homeowners that an arborist is scheduled to be in the Aspen Brook HOA on FRIDAY, June 15th, to treat a number of the trees throughout the community (Weather Dependent).  Work is scheduled to begin around 8:30am, and will last throughout the day.

The HOA has identified 60+ “champion” trees that are in need of treatment to help fight the current infestation of needle scale, as well as other pests.  The contractor will be working throughout the community to treat the identified “Champion” trees.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the workers may cause, due to vehicle traffic, noise, etc.

Trash Collection Dates Adjusted

As a result of the busy summer months, with additional guests/traffic, the trash collection schedule has been adjusted.  Begging next week, trash collections will be performed on Monday and Thursday, with recycle collection remaining on Wednesday.  All homeowners are to remind their guests that ALL TRASH SHOULD BE PLACED IN THE DUMPSTERS and that nothing is to be placed next to the dumpsters in the trash cottage.


All homeowners should be aware that SCHEDULED ROAD MAINTENANCE will begin next Monday/Tuesday – May 21st and 22nd.  Your patience and understanding are appreciated during the roadwork, as there will be dust, noise, and equipment on the roadways.  (Work is dependent upon weather.)

Once the road maintenance has been completed, the speed-bumps will be installed for the summer season.  ALL HOMEOWNERS AND GUEST ARE REMINDED TO FOLLOW THE POSTED SPEED LIMIT WITHIN THE COMMUNITY FOR EVERYONE’S SAFETY.

Living In Bear Country – IMPORTANT REMINDERS

As a part of living in Bear Country, homeowners are reminded that they must be responsible neighbors, to avoid attracting “unwanted wildlife” within the community.  Homeowners may not be aware, but there have been multiple bear encounters in the community over the years, that could possibly have been avoided.

Attached, you will find a brochure titled BIRDS NOT BEARS, and a brochure titled LIVING WITH BEARS, with good reminders for homeowners of the dangers (to the bears as well as to humans) associated with improper deployment of bird feeders during active bear months.

FYI, there is a new community center at the YMCA, and this center has a wildlife display featuring a taxidermy mount of a mama bear & one cub that were euthanized last year as nuisance bears at the YMCA. These same bears could likely have been the same that routinely frequented Aspen Brook last summer, lured in by lax bird feeder habits. If true, that left one cub without a mama and sibling (as there were regular sightings of a mama & two cubs at AB), which likely could have also resulted in a 3rd bear death.

In an effort of ensuring resident safety, the HOA Board is contemplating adoption of an official policy regarding bear awareness.  All homeowners are encouraged to voluntarily follow the recommendations from the CO Parks & Wildlife, and to educate their tenants on how to responsibly “live in bear county”.

April 27th Board Meeting – Conference Call

An Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA Board Meeting has been called for Friday, April 27th at 11:00am (Colorado Time).  The meeting will be held via Conference Call.  Directions for attending the meeting via Conference Call are listed at the top of the Meeting Agenda.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the Conference Call Meeting, and listen to the Board conduct business of the HOA.

Trash and Recycle Reminder

All homeowners are reminded that the trash and recycle bins located in the trash cabin are ONLY FOR DOMESTIC/HOUSEHOLD TRASH SERVICE.  Construction debris is NOT to be placed in the trash bins, and all construction debris should be hauled off by the homeowner/contractor, and disposed at the Estes Park Transfer Station.

DO NOT OVER-FILL THE TRASH BINS as this creates an additional fee the HOA.  Known violators may be charged for the additional charges incurred by the HOA.

It was reported yesterday, that the trash side of the dumpsters were both overflowing with trash all around, and between the two dumpsters was a very large plastic type tarp, assumed to also be thrown away.

Roofing Information –


Kevin is sending this email to all Aspen Brook Homeowners, on my behalf…in case you are considering replacing your roof in the near future, I wanted to make you aware of the following-

FYI, Mark and I have used Gold Roofing (Loveland) in the past. Westover Construction – a highly regarded general contractor here in Estes Park – had referred Gold to us.

Gold did a GREAT job for us! As such we recommended them to Jim Hines who was very pleased with the roof that they put on his Aspen Brook home this past Fall. Tamara Jarolimek thought that they did such a good job on the Hines that she referred them to the Robinson’s.

We are currently contracting with Gold to replace our two roofs at Aspen Brook this Spring. The Cooper’s are also considering Gold for their roof replacement.

In light of three roofs this Spring, I contacted the owner of Gold to see if we can get a multiple roof discount. In that regard, if you are considering replacing your own roof anytime soon please let me know so that we can put you in touch with them and include your roof as well. 

Separately, I asked the owner if he would be interested in offering an Aspen Brook Homeowner discount going forward, given that there are other roofs that will likely be replaced in the next few years. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

Thanks and best!

Sue Werder


[email protected]

AS A REMINDER…..  Anyone intending to make changes to the exterior of the home (including re-roofing) needs to submit a Design Review Request for the project, prior to any work being completed.  The Design Review Committee will review the request, and make sure that the project is approved, before any funds are expended.  We want to make sure that we avoid any instances of un-approved projects, that have to be removed/redesigned to be in compliance with the regulation of the HOA.  If you have questions regarding the DRC Process, please contact Foster Management.