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Annual Meeting Reminder – TODAY at 1:00pm (Mountain Time)

As a reminder, the Aspen Brook Annual Meeting of Homeowners is being held this afternoon at 1:00pm.  The meeting will be held at the YMCA – Longs Peak Lodge – Granite Room.  If you are unable to attend in person, a Conference Call will be available for homeowners to call in.  To join the conference call, please dial 712-432-3900, enter Conference ID 436215#.

The AGENDA for the meeting has been included, so that you can follow along.

Please make plans to attend, or join the conference call, to participate in the discussions at this Annual Meeting of Homeowners.

Annual Meeting – Friday January 5th at 1:00pm

A NEWSLETTER has been mailed to all homeowners, announcing the upcoming Aspen Brook Townhomes Association’s Annual Meeting of Homeowners, that has been scheduled to be held Friday January 5th at 1:00pm.  The Annual Meeting will be held at the YMCA, in the LONGS PEAK LODGE – GRANITE ROOM.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend.

If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting in person, a conference call has been set up, for homeowners to attend via phonecall.  To join the conference call, please dial 712-432-3900, and enter the Conference ID 436215#


September 27th HOA Board Meeting – CONFERENCE CALL

An Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA Board Meeting has been called for Wednesday, September 27th at 1:00pm (Colorado Time).  The meeting will be held via Conference Call.  Directions for attending the meeting via Conference Call are listed at the top of the MEETING AGENDA.  Homeowners are welcome to attend the Conference Call Meeting, and listen to the Board conduct business of the HOA.

Firewood Available & Bear Country Reminder

As a result of the recent cleaning-out the trash cabin, firewood is available to homeowners on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The firewood has been stacked outside of the trash cabin, and is available for homeowner’s use at their individual property.  The remaining items in the trash cabin will be disposed of in the coming weeks, so if you have any use of the materials remaining in the trash cabin, please take the materials to your property.  Additional trash/recycle bins will be delivered in the coming weeks, in an effort to better contain the trash/recycle needs of the community.


Whether Bears are raiding apartments in Vail, trashing cars in Aspen or Steamboat Springs, or disrupting foot races in Boulder or Colorado Springs, Colorado bears are out in full force. Rocky’s Black Bears, from August through October, are extremely hungry and excessively eat to prepare for winter hibernation consuming up to 20,000 calories per day. They may spend up to 20 hours a day foraging for food during this period known as hyperphagia or abnormally increased appetite for consumption of food. Despite adding on weight and fat during the fall, bears suffer no heart-related illness and snoozing bears are able to gain all the sustenance they need entirely from within their own bodies.

Help Rocky’s bears to ensure they eat nature’s food and do not receive human food rewards. You can save a life of a bear by taking some easy precautions, including placing trash in the trash-cabin trash cans, storing food securely, and locking your vehicle’s door.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife offers some of the best ways to keep you, your belongings and the bears safe, whether you live in bear country or you’re just visiting during the summer months.

Living in bear country

  • The most important thing is to take down your bird feeder from April to Thanksgiving. Bird feeders are attractants to bears,  They are really full of calories and a great reward for a bear that is worth the effort to get to.  Be aware that certain bird foods, particularly hummingbird nectar, are very attractive to bruins. Put your bird foods and hummingbird feeders away if you don’t want to inadvertently create potentially dangerous conflicts with our state’s largest predator close to your home. For more information, contact your nearest Colorado Parks and Wildlife office.
  • Secure your trash. Do not place any trash/food on the decks.Take all trash directly to the trash cottage.
  • Don’t keep any food items like pet food or livestock feed outdoors, or in your vehicle.

Wildlife is a great benefit of living in the community, everyone just needs to respect and understand the responsibilities that go along with the wildlife, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Trash Cabin & Materials Available

This notice is being sent to all Aspen Brook HOA homeowners, to inform you of upcoming changes to the trash cabin.  Both sides of the trash cabin are now in possession of the HOA.  Beginning Tuesday, items in the larger portion of the trash cabin will begin to be cleared out, to allow additional dumpsters to be installed.  Items currently inside/outside the garage include firewood, misc. building supplies, etc. will be available to all homeowners on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis.  If homeowners find building supplies that match their property, such as matching tile, wood flooring, or trim that would help in a repair, you are encouraged to take it and store it inside your individual garage.  All remaining items will be disposed of in the coming weeks, so please act quickly.

Once the garage is cleared out, one additional trash bin and one additional recycle bin will be delivered, to assist in the over-filling of the bins that occurs regularly.

Trash & Recycle Reminders

Electronics are not allowed and will not be picked up by Waste Management.  There are only two places I am aware to dispose of old TV’s.  They can take them to Larimer County or Boulder County recycling centers which are nearest to Estes.  Someone left a rather large TV between the recycling and trash dumpsters.  Waste Management will not pick this up and we run the risk of it being broken with they move the trash dumpsters in and out.  The homeowner responsible for leaving it, needs to come get it.

Due to the current confines of the trash garage facility, multiple collections of the trash container are scheduled each week.  Recycling is only collected every other week due to Waste Management’s current collection availability.  When the containers overflow (as depicted in the above photo), additional charges are incurred by the HOA.  In the near future, changes will allow the HOA to add multiple trash/recycle containers, which in turn will reduce the overall trash hauling costs for the HOA.  Until those change occur, we request everyone’s assistance in keeping the trash garage clean, and only disposing of those items that are collected by Waste Management.


This notice is being sent to inform homeowners that an arborist is scheduled to be in the Aspen Brook HOA on Monday, June 5th, to treat a number of the trees throughout the community (Weather Dependent).  Work is scheduled to begin around 9:30am, and will last throughout the day.

The HOA has identified 60+ “champion” trees that are in need of treatment to help fight the current infestation of needle scale, as well as other pests.  The contractor will be working throughout the community to treat the identified “Champion” trees.  The service will be a soil/trunk injection, not a broadcast spray that has been done in year’s past.  There should not be any issue with drifting of the products used.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that the workers may cause, due to vehicle traffic, noise, etc.

The Board continues to discuss fire mitigation plans and a smart forestry plan, and will be including additional services, that are specific to the trees in the community, in the 2018 Budget.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact Foster Management.

Fire Pit CLOSED for 2017

This notice is being sent to inform all homeowners that the Aspen Brook HOA FIRE PIT has been CLOSED for 2017.

The HOA Board of Directors made the decision at the March HOA Board Meeting to temporarily close the fire pit in 2017.  Concerns of fire danger and enforcement of safety regulations were both factors in this decision.

The fire pit is currently filled in with sand, and a sign will be posted in the coming weeks, but homeowners should inform their guests that the fire pit is not available for use at this time.  Once alternatives are investigated, to ensure the fire pit is not a hazard to the entire community, the Board will further discuss options available.

Community Clean Up Day – May 17th – 9:00am

Homeowners are reminded of the upcoming 2017 Community Clean Up Day, which has been scheduled for WEDNESDAY MAY 17th.  All homeowners who are encouraged to attend, and assist in the various community cleanup projects that are planned.  The WORK DAY will begin at 9:00am, then a Board Meeting will be held at 1:00pm that afternoon.

A list of projects is being prepared, and will include light-duty projects, as well as more labor intensive projects for those that are interested.  The intent is to complete some projects with “sweat equity” that will have a nice impact on the overall aesthetics of the community.  If you are able to participate, please bring gloves and yard tools that you may have available.