Payment Options

for the Aspen Brook Townhomes HOA.


Annual Assessment Statements are sent to all homeowners for their use.  Payments can be mailed back with the remittance stub.  Payments are Due on the 1st of April, but are considered to be paid on time if payment is received in the management company office by the 10th of the month.  Any account that has a balance due as of the 10th of the month will be charged a late fee in accordance with the Collection Policy of the Association.


Homeowners can also enroll in the ACH Automatic Payment Program. This program is free of charge, and will deduct the annual assessment from your checking or savings account automatically. To enroll in the program, please complete the ACH Automatic Payment Application and fax/mail it to the management company for processing. The deduction will occur on or shortly after the 5th of April each year.


A new payment option has been established that will allow you to pay your HOA Assessments online through the third party PayLease service. A small convenience fee is added to the charge to cover the cost of the processing. To pay your assessment online, please CLICK HERE to open a separate window for the PayLease payment service.

We encourage all homeowners to pay their assessments timely. Late fees can accumulate quickly. The Board is willing to work with homeowners who request payment plans, but your continued efforts are necessary to avoid further legal action by the Association to collect the amounts due.